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We believe the Internet is a place for social good. We work closely with Change and other mission-driven companies to process donations for thousands of charities online. We give transparently and take zero platform fees. Our goal is to amplify the voices and impact of nonprofits working on the world’s most critical problems. Our Change Foundation is a nonprofit organization born in San Francisco, California.


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Asylee Outreach Specialist at HIAS. Previously, taught English and mentored youth in Thailand as a Princeton fellow.



President at M Consulting Group. Previously, oversaw the Illinois Governor's Office of Correspondence and programs for the City of Chicago



Senior Fellow and former CEO at KABOOM!. Previously, served in federal and state government and nonprofit roles focused on strengthening the nonprofit sector.



You make a donation to Our Change Foundation, directly or through our partner, Change.


You receive a donation receipt that you can use for a deduction when you pay your taxes.


We distribute your donations to the indicated nonprofits. You choose where the money is sent.

What is a donor-advised fund?

Donor-advised funds let you donate to all of your favorite nonprofits in one place. Donate once to Our Change Foundation, and we distribute your funds to the nonprofits you choose. You get one consolidated tax receipt. Much simpler than making many separate donations!

How can Our Change Foundation help my nonprofit?

When businesses and donors want to help but don't know where to give, we provide suggestions from our network of featured nonprofits. Claim your nonprofit to get featured!
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How can Our Change Foundation help my business?

Our partner, Change, is a donations platform that leverages Our Change Foundation's network of nonprofits. Change helps businesses like Porsche and Care/of take their charitable giving to the next level.
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What is the disbursement schedule?

Using industry leading security, Our Change Foundation collects funds through a variety of online donation tools powered by Change. The funds are then regranted on a monthly basis to the designated nonprofit recipients.